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Publicity Guidelines

Guidelines for Promoting a Fund Raising Concert

This guide is designed to aid volunteer committees in the planning and implementation of a charitable fund raiser concert. It is to be used in conjunction with the information contained in the "Conditions of Engagement" and "Concert Promotion Guidelines".

Naden Band of the Royal Canadian Navy will provide the music as well as some publicity resources for your event. Please remember that it is in your organization's best interest to ensure that all the details necessary for a successful fund raiser (e.g., ticket sales, event promotion, advertising, co-ordination, etc) are handled responsibly and effectively.

Publicity and Ticket Selling Resources

1. Local Military Base or Reserve Units: access to advertising in base publications and the Canex; potential for donations or ticket-selling within the units.

2. Local Cadets, Scouts Canada, Girl Guides: personnel to distribute posters, help with ticket selling, ushering; possible to offer a share of concert proceeds to their organizations in exchange.

3. Local Royal Canadian Legion Branches and Army, Navy, Air Force Associations: site for posters; personnel for distributing posters and ticket-selling; good target audiences for military band concerts.

4. Veteran service organizations: site for posters; good target audiences for military band concerts.

5. Teachers involved with local school band programs: personnel for poster distribution, ticket selling, and ushering;

6. Performance Arts Organizations/Associations: potential for additional expert information or support.

7. Local music stores, book stores etc: sites for posters; sites for advance ticket sales. Avoid public outlets such as "Select-a-Seat". Experience to date has demonstrated poor results from these types of ticket selling venues.

Other Points

8. Compile a list of possible donors (finances or resources) from your local business community. Contact each of them. Remember that local businesses can benefit from donating to concert events in exchange for public recognition.

9. Offer complimentary tickets for donations in excess of a defined amount (e.g. $50), whether of a corporate, business or personal nature.

10. Suggest that unused complimentary tickets be returned for use by another charity or non-profit organization.

11. Your organization could print an insert for the concert program with a thank you to the named donors.

12. Invite a VIP, the Mayor, MP, or a local celebrity, to deliver a welcoming or thank you message at the performance.


Six Weeks Prior
• Your PR plan is finalized.

Five Weeks Prior
• Print tickets, posters, flyers.

Four Weeks Prior
• Put up posters.
• Distribute tickets to sales outlets/persons.
• Invite special interest groups (ie. Veterans Associations, music groups, local military). Send information to their newsletters, websites and event calendars.

Three Weeks Prior
• Send initial press releases to local, community and military newspapers.
• Send press releases to TV and radio stations enclosing a recording of the Naden Band .

Two Weeks Prior
• Set up media coverage, interviews etc. for the final 1-2 days prior. Personnel from the Naden Band could be available for a telephone interview.
• Distribute flyers.
• Your Naden Band liaison person will contact you for information on ticket sales.

One Week Prior
• Fax out another round of press releases.
• Place a print (newspaper) ad.
• Utilize portable/school signs where available.
• Your Naden Band liaison person will contact you again for information on ticket sales.

1-2 Days Prior
• Public Relations personnel may be available to conduct interview on arrival at location.
• Contact media again to encourage them to cover the event.