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Sponsor Responsibilities

The presentation of a concert by the Naden Band of the Royal Canadian Navy is a partnership between the band and a recognised charity or not for profit organisation. Production costs are the responsibility of the charity and as such may be recouped from ticket sales; all net proceeds go directly to the identified charity.

A charity may elect to present a concert with the financial backing of corporate sponsors. This financial support can cover expenses such as the cost of the hall and associated fees (if any), advertising costs, rental deposits, sponsoring of a reception, etc. A three way partnership such as this can be very effective. In return, corporate sponsors may be offered substantial public recognition on printed tickets, in the concert program, as well as during the actual performance.

Advantages to those presenting a concert are two fold. Properly marketed, our concert can increase the public image and profile of the sponsor/charity, while potentially giving them access to untapped markets.

Bands of the Canadian Forces have been touring for many years. Experience has shown that any hall, during any season and regardless of competing events, can be filled if a thorough publicity campaign has been implemented.

Only the combination of timely and effective publicity, with total community involvement will result in a successful concert in your community. You and your charity are key ingredients. You know your community best. In the end, you are the best judge of what would be effective to draw concertgoers and to prepare for a concert by the Naden Band of the Royal Canadian Navy.

If any of your questions or concerns is not dealt with in this package, or you have any suggestions to offer, please contact us at:

Commanding Officer
Naden Band of the Royal Canadian Navy
P.O. Box 17000, Stn Forces
Victoria, BC V9A 7N2 Canada
(250) 363-5698 Fax: (250) 363-4304

With the primary goal of preserving the dignity of the Canadian Forces, a performance by Naden Band of the Royal Canadian Navy is subject to the following conditions:


1. Please be aware that acceptance of this engagement is subject to the exigencies of the Canadian Forces. If an unforeseen or emergency military situation were to arise, you would be notified immediately.

2. If the Naden Band is engaged by an individual or organization having an agreement with the American Federation of Musicians (AFM), the band encourages the individual or organization to obtain clearance from a local representative of the AFM to avoid any breach of that agreement. It is that individual or organization’s responsibility to obtain such clearance and the failure to do so will be a matter resolution between the individual or organization and the AFM.

3. Naden Band cannot participate in any religious ceremony or procession.

4. Naden Band cannot participate in any activity that is organized for a political party.

5. The Director of Music of Naden Band has highest authority in regards to all aspects of a performance while the band is on stage. While the desirability for speeches and/or presentations during a performance is recognized, the Director of Music has authority over these matters as well.

6. All materials implicating the Canadian Navy or the Naden Band of the Royal Canadian Navy must receive approval before going to print. Fax the material to (250)363-4304 where possible, or make alternative arrangements with the band's Public Relations department (250) 363-5698.


7. When the Naden Band provides services to civilian individuals or organizations, the band is bound by the Canadian Treasury Board’s Provision of Service Policy. This policy recognizes that the Canadian Forces may provide support to local charities and non-profit groups in order to support communities and enhance the image of the CF. Provision of Services will apply whenever a fee or admission is charged for these performances. Under this policy, costs are assigned to the organization and may be waived in whole or in part. For fund-raising activities, these costs are normally waived.

8. All other event costs are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization, though these costs may be recouped from ticket sales. Please note that it is the sponsoring organization's responsibility to pay SOCAN fees for the performance. Often the venue will pay SOCAN fees as part of the rental fee, so be sure to check with them prior to submitting a license application. For more information visit http://www.socan.ca/licensees .

9. Net proceeds from the performance go directly to the identified charity.

10. Corporate backing may be sought by the sponsoring organization. Financial support from a corporation could cover expenses such as hall rental (and associated costs as applicable), advertising, rental deposits, reception costs, etc. In return, corporate sponsors may be offered public recognition on printed tickets, concert programs, or during the performance.

11. With the goal of a full house, advance ticket sales at reasonable prices are highly recommended. Our public relations department can offer suggestions regarding several aspects of ticket prices and sales.

Technical Conditions

12. Stage: minimum size 40 ft x 50 ft, and 2-3 ft high, with risers if available. The stage must be available a few hours prior to the concert for set-up and sound check.

13. Electricity: three 3-pronged, 110 volt, electrical outlets on separate circuits in close proximity to the stage.

14. Chairs: 40, armless.

15. Change Room Facilities: 1 room for 27 men with coat racks and toilets; 1 room for 8 women with coat racks and toilets.

16. Sound Equipment: depending on the venue (e.g., outdoors) and upon the advice of our sound technician, some supplementary sound equipment may be required to augment the band's own sound system.

17. The public is to be admitted 30 minutes prior to the performance, and not before.

Media Communications

18. Naden Band can provide the following publicity resources:
a. Press releases;
b. Posters;
c. Audiotape/CD;
d. Public relations packages;
e. When possible, band personnel for media interviews;
f. Concert programs.

19. Please refer to the attached "Concert Promotion Guidelines" for other information. A member of our Public Relations department will be available to discuss your own publicity ideas as well as offer other suggestions.

20. The sponsoring organization must establish a plan to promote the concert to the utmost, using all available resources. We ask that you provide Naden Band with a file of all advertising that was undertaken. This file will be added to the records maintained by the band on each engagement.


21. We suggest that admission tickets be printed and made available for advance ticket sales. Advance sales facilitate the tracking of audience numbers.

22. Whenever possible, an advance meeting (allow one hour) will be arranged between your organization and our public relations department, preferably at the venue.

23. You will be contacted 2 weeks prior and 1 week prior to the engagement date to verify the progress of advance ticket sales. If the potential audience is too small, the engagement could be canceled.

24. 1-2 days prior to the concert, your organization will be contacted to ensure that the engagement conditions are met.

25. A representative of your organization will meet the Naden Band upon arrival at the concert venue.

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